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Restoration Projects

We have years of experience and fortunate to be responsible for restoring drive trains of many significate Italians cars. Cars ranging from - Formula Jr Wiener Beaner, Bandini's, Fiat 8V, Abarth Double Bouble, Ferraris, Alfa; GTA's, Gt jrs, GTV, Giulietta, Stanguellini, ASA, Siata's, Taraschi, Abarth Allemano, Abarth 033, Fiat OSCA and many more.


We have done some interesting projects such as reversing engine rotation and reversing intake and exhaust locations on cylinder heads.

Complete cylinder head repair services: surfacing, valve grinding & seat profiling, welding, custom valve guides and oversize valve seats.


We can supply our own design for Pistons, Valves, Rods and Cams for Fiat and Alfa motors.


Check out the Gallery to see before and after pictures of our work.



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